Gaining a full understanding of PDU technology

By Qianjin / 2022-06-27 10:08:30

How to select a PDU by business need


PDUs have a wide range of features and benefits . To find out which features will be the most valuable to you, you can start at the business need and consider PDUs that were built to address your particular challenges

Basic PDU:Basic models, while lightyears ahead of legacy PDU products, are still only equipped with the primary features necessary to distribute electrical power and “get the job done.”

I want to:

  • Effectively distribute electrical power
  • Organize my power distribution strategy
  • Simplify load balancing
  • Prevent accidental plug disconnects
  • Reduce cooling costs and maintain full functionality in high temperatures

Look for a unit with features like:

  • Outlet grip plug retention
  • Color-coded outlet sections
  • A low-profile form factor
  • High operating temperature capabilities

Metered PDUMetered models have varied measurement functionalities and service enhancements that let you save time and money.

Yes, I want all that, but I also need to save time and money with the ability to:

  • Optimize power usage with highly accurate power monitoring
  • Use meter color-coded sections to control power utilization
  • Remove meters to make service pain-free and maintain uptime
  • Gain easy access to information, IP setup and troubleshooting
  • Share network connection/IP address for multiple PDUs
  • Make better deployment decisions with precise data and energy analysis through outlet-level measurements
  • Transform billing into revenue or utility discounts by measuring Level 3 PUE

Look for a unit with features like:

  • One percent billing grade accuracy
  • LCD pixel display
  • Daisy chain capabilities
  • Hotswap meterPhase and section metering, and measurement capabilities at the outlet-level

Managed PDU Managed models give you the most advanced power management and precision control that can empower your decision-making and eliminate the most risk

Yes, I want all that, but I also need to reduce risk with the ability to:

  • Remotely control devices by powering on, off or rebooting individual outlets
  • Control unauthorized use of unused outlets
  • Avoid onsite visits with remote capabilities
  • Group multiple power supplies across the PDU to control all with a single action (i .e . save time when rebooting servers with two or more power supplies)

Look for a unit with features like:

  • Outlet switchingTurning off unused outlets
  • Remote site management and group reboot for A/B feeds

High density PDU High density (HD) models include all the features you’ve come to expect from rack PDUs, with the additional benefits of configurability, improved outlet counts, and color chassis options.

Now that I can save time, save money, and reduce risk, I want to customize to fit my IT environment:

  • Increase the number of outlets within the same amount of space
  • Reduce cord interference within racks
  • Eliminate cable clutter
  • Better identify potential unequal power distribution

Look for a unit with features like:

  • Configurable circuit protection options
  • Improved outlet count of up to 54 outlets
  • Color-coded alternating phase outlets
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