Monitor PDU MAE/MYE+Circuit Breaker

  • Product series: Monitor PDU MAE/MYE+Circuit Breaker
  • Outlet Type:  IEC 60320-C13, IEC 60302-C19, IEC 60302-C13 Lockable, IEC 60302-C19 Lockable, GB1002-10A, GB1002-16A
  • Outlet Quantity: 8-27 units
  • Protect module: Circuit breaker 32A/63A 1P/2P
  • Monitor Instructions: LCD display the current, Overload sound and light alarm.
  • Input: IEC 60309 & Cable
  • Installation: Vertical Reverse Installation
1Product SeriesMonitor PDU MAE/MYE+Circuit Breaker
2Outlet TypeIEC 60320-C13, IEC 60302-C19, IEC 60302-C13 Lockable, IEC 60302-C19 Lockable, GB1002-10A, GB1002-16A
3 Outlet Quantity 8-27 units
4 Power Input Type Industrial connector
5 Installation Vertical Reverse Installation
6 Input Plug EC60309 IP44 32A/250VAC 2P+E, or IEC60309 IP44 63A/250VAC 2P+E, or IEC60309 IP44 32A/400VAC 4P+E, or IEC60309 IP44 63A/400VAC 4P+E
7 Monitor InstructionsLCD display the current, Overload sound and light alarm.
8 Protect Funcation Circuit breaker 32A/63A 1P/2P
9 Housing  Color Black
10 Input Cable Specifications3×6mm², or 3×10mm², or 5×6mm², or 5×10mm² RVV -2m long cable(black)
11 Factory AccessoriesIndustrial connector female
12 Product MarkingProduct namerPDU
Rated voltage 220V AC / 380V AC
Rated current 32A/63A
MAX current 32A/63A
Safety N
Model Function moduleInput voltageRated currentInput plugOutput socket
MP24-E2A32F05CBMAE100-240V32AIEC 60309 32A 2P+EC13*20+C19*4
MP24-E2A32F06CBMAE100-240V32AIEC 60309 32A 2P+EC13*18+C19*6
MP24-E2A32F07CBMAE100-240V32AIEC 60309 32A 2P+EC13 Lockable*20+C19 Lockable*4
MP24-E2A32F08CBMAE100-240V32AIEC 60309 32A 2P+EC13 Lockable*18+C19 Lockable*6
MP24-G2A32F03CBMAE100-240V32AIEC 60309 32A 2P+EGB10A*20+GB16A*4
MP24-G2A32F04CBMAE100-240V32AIEC 60309 32A 2P+EGB10A*18+GB16A*6
MP24-E2Y32F05CBMYE200-415V32AIEC 60309 32A 3P+N+EC13*20+C19*4
MP24-E2Y32F06CBMYE200-415V32AIEC 60309 32A 3P+N+EC13*18+C19*6
MP24-E2Y32F07CBMYE200-415V32AIEC 60309 32A 3P+N+EC13 Lockable*20+C19 Lockable*4
MP24-E2Y32F08CBMYE200-415V32AIEC 60309 32A 3P+N+EC13 Lockable*18+C19 Lockable*6
MP24-G2Y32F03CBMYE200-415V32AIEC 60309 32A 3P+N+EGB10A*20+GB16A*4
MP24-G2Y32F04CBMYE200-415V32AIEC 60309 32A 3P+N+EGB10A*18+GB16A*6
MP24-E2A63F05CBMAE100-240V63AIEC 60309 63A 2P+EC13*20+C19*4
MP24-E2A63F06CBMAE100-240V63AIEC 60309 63A 2P+EC13*18+C19*6
MP24-E2A63F07CBMAE100-240V63AIEC 60309 63A 2P+EC13 Lockable*20+C19 Lockable*4
MP24-E2A63F08CBMAE100-240V63AIEC 60309 63A 2P+EC13 Lockable*18+C19 Lockable*6
MP24-G2A63F03CBMAE100-240V63AIEC 60309 63A 2P+EGB10A*20+GB16A*4
MP24-G2A63F04CBMAE100-240V63AIEC 60309 63A 2P+EGB10A*18+GB16A*6
MP24-E2Y63F05CBMYE200-415V63AIEC 60309 63A 3P+N+EC13*20+C19*4
MP24-E2Y63F06CBMYE200-415V63AIEC 60309 63A 3P+N+EC13*18+C19*6
MP24-E2Y63F07CBMYE200-415V63AIEC 60309 63A 3P+N+EC13 Lockable*20+C19 Lockable*4
MP24-E2Y63F08CBMYE200-415V63AIEC 60309 63A 3P+N+EC13 Lockable*18+C19 Lockable*6
MP24-G2Y63F03CBMYE200-415V63AIEC 60309 63A 3P+N+EGB10A*20+GB16A*4
MP24-G2Y63F04CBMYE200-415V63AIEC 60309 63A 3P+N+EGB10A*18+GB16A*6

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