The IMP Series PDU (Intelligent Modular Power Distribution Unit) provides complete power management with features for the immediate display and control of power operations, remote network access, and unattended, timed control and network reporting using pre-configured values.

  • Various outlets mixed together in any sequence.
  • 2.4” 262K color LCD display with touch screen
  • Circuit breaker(s) and surge protection
  • Up to 255 PDUs can be daisy chained together, and controled with group configuration

  • Advanced power quality monitoring and metrics, ±1% metering accuracy
  • LCD display with touchable screen, LCD orientation rotatable, metering information real-time display
  • Circuit breaker(s) and surge protection
  • Up to 255 PDUs can be daisy chained together 
  • Ethernet 10M/100M, USB, CAN, I/O, IIC(sensor), RS485(sensor)
  • Temperature, humidity, power consumption monitoring; digital binary state signal sensor; supports third party external sensor with power supply (5V)

  • Individual outlet control, power sequencing on/off, timed on/off control
  • Protocols: HTTP/HTTPS (HTML5, REST, JSON), SSH, IoT (MQTT), SNMP (V1, 2c, 3), SMTP
  • User defined threshold alarms for sensors reported over SNMP, SMTP, and HTTP POST to customizable URL
  • Access control through user accounts with passwords and X.509 (PKI) certificates
  • Cloud Access (AWS and Google)
  • Signed and encrypted firmware upgrades (network, USB) to ensure authenticity and integrity
  • Event logging
Input PlugBattier Connector
Input Voltage85-260 VAC
Input Current32 Amp
Output ReceptaclesNema5-15R, IEC60320-C13, IEC60320-C19, GB2099.9-10A, GB2099.9-16A
Output Nominal Voltage85-260 VAC
Circuit BreakerOptional
Surge ProtectionOptional
Communication portRJ45, 10M/100M, USB, I/O, IIC(sensor), RS485(sensor)
Daisy ChainUp to 255 PDUs
Environmental SensorTemperature, Humidity, Power Consumption Monitoring, Smoke, Water Leakage Via RJ11 or RJ 45 port Sensor (Supports third party external sensor)
Other parameter
Network ProtocolHTTP/HTTPS (HTML5, REST, JSON), SSH, IoT (MQTT), SNMP (V1, 2c, 3), SMTP
Energy Monitoring
Voltage (V, RMS), Current (A, RMS), Active Power (kW), Reactive Power(kW), Apparent Power (kVA), Energy (kWh), Power Factor, Frequency
Remote Outlet SwitchingYes
Monitoring Input lineYes
Monitoring Per GroupYes
Monitoring per OutletYes
Display2.4” 262K color LCD display : Voltage, current, or active power (per line, per breaker, or per receptacle / outlet); Alarms; Configuration information (name, ratings, IP / Networking information). Orientation rotatable

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